Close Ups at Garage Door StarkartArt

Posted by 4.5 Writers Mon, June 18, 2012 10:12:48

Starkart is open for viewing even when the gallery isn`t open... Outside in the parking lot on the garage door the walls come alive with the guest artists exhibiting and the city artists adding bits and peices to the garage doors on the entrance to the gallery.

Stencil Bastards in Black and WhiteArt

Posted by 4.5 Writers Sun, June 10, 2012 11:00:06

Stencil Bastards Art Show in Z├╝rich, Switzerland at Starkart. Black and white photography done by 4.5 photography crew. We like being able to see the detail found when taking black and white photography especially when the artists show so much talent. More photos in color can be viewed here...

Empathy is the Art of Feeling...Art

Posted by 4.5 Writers Sun, June 03, 2012 22:11:47

I suppose talking about art and or seeing art in a particular way could be determined by the amount of empathy one might have. Here at 4.5 we try to include artists of all walks of life that don`t necessarily fit into our "academic" idea of what an artist is or isn`t. We are more interested in inspiring people to be critical of how our "norms" already work. 4.5 is more interested in pursuing passion or love that point us to a change. What we can do is try to help to inspire a change in a direction that has more positive long term affects on civilization, than a past full of mistakes that have gone unnoticed and unlearned.

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We Pay in the Currency of Blood...Art

Posted by 4.5 Writers Thu, May 24, 2012 11:40:00

From top left to right the following artists are above... Julie Nord, Troels Carlsen, Todd James, Shephard Fairey, Ai Weiwei, Super Master TV , and Atek84


Posted by 4.5 Writers Tue, May 22, 2012 22:20:29